PvP, Ubique to Run Atlantic Region Counter Strike:Global Offensive Tournament

PvP Invites CS:GO Players to Atlantic Region’s Key eSports Event

Sydney, NS - May 17, 2017: PvP Gamers Dungeon today announced it will be hosting a major Atlantic Region Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament in partnership with Ubique Networks in the summer.
CS:GO is popular among gaming enthusiasts because the competition pits two teams against each other in exciting terrorist vs counter-terrorist gameplay. It has millions of followers worldwide, and won the eSports Game of the Year award in 2015.
The tournament will consist of a 32-team online competition, culminating in a final-four live LAN tournament for the grand prize in Sydney, NS.
“PvP is looking for the best players to show their skills and enjoy a professional class experience with the latest technology and incredible Internet speeds,” says Todd Chant, CEO of PvP Gamers Dungeon. “PvP aims to lead the fast growing online and LAN eSports market in the Atlantic Region, as e-games become more social and competitive.”
The championship will be powered by Ubique Networks’ Swarmio eSports Platform, a comprehensive eSports portal delivering the ultimate gaming experience for players of competitive multiplayer online games.
“We are proud that our technology will help PvP to reach its true potential as a major eSports player in Canada,” says Vijai Karthigesu, Founder and CEO of Ubique. “Our eSports platform is the only platform in the world that offers the lagless experience together with a fully featured eSports portal, which combined makes for faster and more exciting gameplay and professional level competitions.”
Ubique Networks is funded by the government of Canada, the province of Nova Scotia, as well as by Innovacorp and Extreme Venture Partners (EVP).
“At Innovacorp we’re looking for innovative Nova Scotia startups to invest in,” says Andrew Ray, Investment Manager for IT at Innovacorp. “Ubique’s lagless eSports technology is a unique product that has the potential to be very disruptive in this fast growing sector.”
“E-gamers and eSports have had multi-player capabilities for years, but advances in the technology are rapidly improving the experiences of social gamers who like to compete and watch competitions online,” says Ray Sharma, Executive Managing Partner at EVP. “We invested in Ubique because we liked the engineering team, and it offers the potential of exceptional international growth, as global Internet service providers add this type of technology to deliver new Internet revenue streams.”

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